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A fully bespoke suit is at the pinnacle of men's tailoring but unfortunately, for most people is unattainable due to its hefty price and declining number of master tailors crafting these garments in today's market.


This is where Made To Measure steps in. Elements of the bespoke process such as fabric selection and personalising your suits design, resemble the bespoke experience. The fitting process differs slightly between MTM and bespoke in that a fully bespoke suit involves more points of measurement to create a ‘one off’ pattern from scratch.


Made to Measure utilizes an existing pattern and is adjusted based on the individual's posture and fit preferences. For example, If  one shoulder is lower than the other, the pattern is adjusted to account for the difference. This not only gives the ability to try on a garment to see these postural anomalies but also allows the customer to visualise and communicate their fit preferences.


Machine manufacturing and state of the art computer programs allow Made To Measure garments to be created faster and most importantly, at a reasonable price.


It is important to note that ready to wear or ‘off the rack’ should be considered if you need a suit suddenly. However, there are a number of limitations in terms of fabric and style, fit preferences and often, alterations are an added cost. 


If you're searching for clothing with a superior fit and the ability to create custom pieces at a price point that sits well below true bespoke, then Made To Measure is the obvious choice.


Book an obligation free consultation or pop into our showroom to learn more about the Made To Measure process.

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